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The Apple watch is the newest device in the Apple’s arsenal, so far it is the watch entry by Apple to compete with Tizen and Android Wear and of course Pebble, it made a positive impression with its classy and eye candy look, anyways the watch is expected to be out in first quarter of 2015, possible a January debut.

But just a week after the Apple Watch announcement, there are already tons of accessories available for the Apple’s smartwatch, so far the number one on the list is the screen protector, I just wonder why at this early stage several months before the unveiling products are already available, so far most of the date of availability is on February 18, 2015 .

You might say you don’t need a screen protector for your Apple watch its sapphire anyway! But we all know that if you are using a device for the first time expect to have some minor accidental scratches and bumps, a few dollar screen protector can make a difference. from Jake Smith of Illinois – Tech Expert

So far we can’t decided on the best Apple Watch screen protector in the market as of now, but we can only judge on it based on our prior experienced when it comes to screen protector for other devices such as smartphone and other brand of smartwatches.

Well without further a due here are some of the best Apple watch screen protector ( brand that we think is good).

Klear Cut – Screen Protector for Apple Watch 42mm 

The Klear Cut Ultra Clear HD screen protector as usual their screen protector is made from a unique PET film with multi –layer surface that makes your device scratch free. We have this before on our tablet and so far it works well, less fingerprints and usually they don’t yellow.

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IQ Shield liQuidSkin – Apple Watch 42mm Screen Protector + Full Body (Front & Back)

Of course of our favorite company is also in the bandwagon when it comes to screen protector for Apple Watch, it offers the  full body (front and back) skin protector, what we love about the product is that its screen protector has a self-healing durability, and non-yellowing, transparent “glass-like” properties into a single layer of ultra thin anti-scratch film . If you are looking for a screen protector like this check it out.

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Skinomi TechSkin – Apple Watch Screen Protector Premium HD Clear Film 

Here is a screen protector that is very easy to install, no bubbles very durable and if you want to change it is very easy to replace, the Skinomi screen protector is a self-Healing, flexible, tough, military-grade thermoplastic urethane, designed to absorb impact. Screen protector is scratch-proof, puncture, UV resistant and will not yellow, we love this on our iPhone 6, and we are pretty sure we are going to love it also on our Apple watch soon.

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SUPERSHIELDZ-Anti-Glare & Anti-Fingerprint (Matte) Screen Protector 

Another Screen protector that is made from high quality Japanese PET film it has an anti-glare matte technology which Removes glare and resists fingerprints, so far the screen protector of SuperShieldz are very easy to use as well as there is not bubble when you apply it on the screen.


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XtremeGuardTM Screen Protector for Apple Watch

A high definition screen protector for Apple watch it is a scratch proof: Military grade with ultra clear, with no orange peel and a custom fit for imperceptible protection, we haven’t tried this company before but seems like their screen protector are legit as there are many positive reviews on their product.


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Third Party Watch Strap for Apple Watch

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