Bearing – Best Compass for Android Wear

Ok, some of the Android Wear watch do have a built in compass app already, so why need another compass? Well it’s all about the quality and of course its great UI, if you are looking for one, check out the Bearing compass app for Android Wear.

The Bearing compass app has precise measurements and with great UI making it easy to check for the bearing, unlike other compass app this one has a smooth transition, with map support on the Android phone. The app supports two modes one for normal and another for the pointer mode, once you calibrate it, it’s all working smoothly. So far it receives positive reviews from its users.

If you want to have one its free check it out.


This is a compass for your Android Wear with a unique Pointer mode. Feel when you are heading in the right direction.

Two Compass Modes:

Normal: use it as you would use any compass app.

Pointer mode: stretch your arm and point. The watch will start buzzing when you are pointing to the set bearing.

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