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Pinterest app Apple Watch

Pinterest app for Apple Watch

We have seen several major apps for Apple watch this month, apps such as American Airlines, Instagram, Twitter and City Mapper. These are just some of the first few apps available for Apple Watch, when the watch is available for the public. …

Twitter for Android Wear

Here is an Android Wear app to check all of the tweets on your Twitter timeline, unlike other Twitter app for Android Wear in Google Play store, the Twitter for Android Wear is somewhat fast and very easy to use, with the …
Yo app for Pebble

Yo App for Pebble Smartwatch

We first thought it was a prank app, tech expert says it’s the dumbest app in Apple Store, I guess their comment made it more indemand, getting positive reviews from users even Motorola using it for their Moto360 smartwatch promo. We did …