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K8 3G Smartwatch

K8 3G Smartwatch Full Specifications

Smartwatch with SIM capability is becoming the main stream, so far several companies already presented their own design of Smartwatch with SIM capability. Check out this K8 3G Smartwatch, a round Smartwatch0 GHz processor. The 1.4 inch screen with 400 x 400 …
KDTI K288 MTK6260 Smartwatch

KDTI K288 MTK6260 Smartwatch Full Specifications 

Want a a cool looking affordable Smartwatch? Check out the KDTI K288 MTK6260 Smartwatch with USIM capability . The Smartwatch will work without a smartphone, allowing it to receive notifications, call and messages right from your wrist. It is also equipped with different sensors, for …
uLefone uWear Smartwatch

ULefone uWear Smartwatch Full Specifications 

Want a Smartwatch that will not break your bank? Check out this new wearable from ULefone, the UWear Smartwatch. Packed with different features like notifications, Health tracker such as Pedometer, Sedentary reminder, Sleep monitor. If you are a sporty guy don’t worry about your phone getting wet, uWear is …