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PEbble Time Steel

Pebble Time Steel a Hit in KickStarter

Pebble announced a second variant of their Pebble Time, “Pebble Time Steel” a metal version of the Pebble Time. The watch is almost the same with the Pebble Time except for the steel casing, and of course much more classy look, just …
Pebble Time Specifications

Pebble Time Smartwatch Full Specifications

Pebble just unveiled a new smartwatch, this time Pebble will added a color to its cool smartwatch, the Pebble Time do have a color e-display plus it is equipped with microphone for responding to notification. According to Pebble the new smartwatch is …
Pebble for Android Wear

Pebble support for Android Wear Now Available

Good news to all Pebble users, according to Pebble they just added support for Android Wear, anyone with the Pebble smartwatch will be able to reply and take actions on Android Wear notifications. The final build for this support is now available, …