Finding Favorite Romantic Comedies on the Internet

“Chick-flicks.” “Girl’s Movies.” “Rom-coms.” Okay, all you hopelessly romantic gals out there; you know what this is all about. We’re talking romantic comedies, of course! They’re those wonderful, bubbly, sizzling cinematic love fests that cater especially to female audiences. Like a box of chocolates or a bouquet of roses, they’re the perfect romantic treat. Yes, these are the movies that boyfriends and husbands go to only when dragged, often hiding under a large bucket of popcorn in case they are spotted by one of the guys from the office. The great romantic comedies, however, stand the test of time, and appeal to both sexes with their humor and sense of truth about love and the human condition.

Some of these films are admittedly guilty pleasures, with sometimes saccharine storylines and over-the-top teariness by actresses who’ve forgotten that a little emotion goes a long way. Yet the best romantic comedies have a magical quality that gives them a life far beyond their initial release. Like the perfect soufflé, these films require a delicate touch by all concerned that’s much harder to pull off than you’d expect.

With the advent of the Internet, there are many resources available online for finding out about a romantic delight you may have missed in its first release. A quick review of some of the top online movie sites brought a wealth of choices from their lists of “Top Romantic Comedies.” The films mentioned on these sites run the gamut from all-time classics like Billy Wilder’s “The Apartment, “ starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine, and Woody Allen’s “Manhattan,” to more recent favorites like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” and “All About Mary.” Meg Ryan (“When Harry Met Sally”) and Julia Roberts (“Pretty Woman”) showed up as stars most frequently in films featured on the lists of top rom-coms.

Check these sites out for yourself to see if your all-time favorite rom-coms are on the short list of favorites on these top Internet movie sites.

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