Finding Self-Help On the Internet

To paraphrase Charles Dickens, these may be the best of times, but for some of us, these really are the worst of times. The fallout from the crash in the U.S. housing economy has created stress on many levels. American workers are reeling, and families are feeling the pain. Sometimes it can all seem too much to bear, as people in every level of society strive to cope with problems they never knew they’d have to face. The worst of it is, sometimes the relentless stress of dealing with the fallout from the economy leads to even greater problems, both physically and psychologically.

What should stressed-out Americans do? Therapy can be a big help, but it’s often an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Are there other solutions to help people who need a place to turn? Yes. These days, there are many self-help sites available on the Internet that offer help and solid advice for people who have just too much to deal with.

Here are some of the best online sites for psychological advice and self-help guidance: This free online magazine is an incredible resource for anyone needing help and psychological support for a wide range of issues, including: marriage, divorce, parenting, stress management and much more. The well designed website offers articles, blogs, a question and answer segment, and resources for everything from finding a local therapist to ordering the best in self-help literature. This psychological self-help site offers an overview of online psychological resources, with links to various sites. The links listed offer help for specific conditions and disorders, like Alzheimer’s disease, for example, or addiction issues. It’s a gateway to several other websites that offer help for a variety of problems. A lighter self-help site, this one offers blogs on serious topics like “Learning to Love Yourself” and also has reviews and recommendations for self-help books and DVDs, ranging from tips for anxiety relief to fitness and wellness techniques.

Don’t let daily stresses add up to major problems. Help is just a click away with these helpful Internet resources.