Foursquare app for Pebble Smartwatch

Here is a great app for Pebble, Foursquare app, the app will let people know where you are in just a simple button on your wrist, the location based app for mobile devices in now available for Pebble smartwatch, with the app you can check and share your location instantly.

Foursquare Pebble App

So far the app on Pebble is very limited on its functionality compared to the smartphone version where you have others menu and options such as badges, tips, friends and list, the app for smartwatch is just plain text and simple notifications, having no maps due to limitation of Pebble on its graphics is the only downside, but so far overall the app works completely and easy to configure.

Check out the tutorial on how to install Foursquare for Android and iOS

  • Instructions for iOS
  • Instructions for Android
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