Movies Influenced by the Internet–“Avatar”

The Internet and the ever-evolving computer technology that impacts everyday life have inspired many movies today. Modern technology has created a different way of thinking, seeing and communicating, and filmmakers today are using technology to tell stories, at the same time they allow technological concepts to influence the kind of stories they tell.

One of our most groundbreaking filmmakers, James Cameron, jumped into the Internet world with his latest big-screen release, “Avatar,” the visionary 3D tale of a military intervention taking place in an alternate civilization in outer space.

Cameron’s “Avatar” rocked the cinema world as soon as it hit theaters. In its initial release in the fall of 2009, the film quickly broke worldwide box office records, becoming the first film ever to gross more than $2 billion dollars.
Ironically, it broke the previous record, held for 12 years by Cameron’s last feature film, the groundbreaking megahit, “Titanic.

“Avatar” is a spectacular tale of a U.S. military action in the year 2154, on a moon planet called Pandora that contains an extremely valuable mineral.
The film enthralled audiences with Cameron’s 3D vision of a faraway civilization inhabited by gentle, blue-skinned creatures; gentle souls who are members of the Na’vi tribe.
The Na’vi are incredibly tall creatures with hypnotic, catlike eyes who speak their own native language.

“Avatar” creates a vision of a world humans could only hope to emulate, a world threatened by destruction due to the greed of the earth’s inhabitants.
The film’s spectacular imagery paints a somber picture of the dangers humankind has created with its disrespect for the environment and all living beings.

On its release, the timeliness of the “Avatar” story, combined with its truly incredible imagery, made for an unprecedented cinematic phenomenon.

The film’s eye-popping 3D effects set a new standard for film technology, garnering it three Academy Awards.

The film’s power over audiences has them clamoring for more.
Cameron has two sequels to the film in the planning stage, continuing the compelling saga of the Na’vi tribe and life on Pandora.