Navigating the Modern Job Market By Using the Internet

We’re in a tough economy, there’s no doubt about it. Our current economic woes became apparent during the stock market crash of October 2008, when the markets went into a slow motion tumble that destroyed nest eggs, savings accounts and caused the credit markets to seize up. Two years later, the U.S. economy hasn’t yet recovered. We’re just now surveying the wreckage and finding ways to cope with this new and unexpected reality.

As if the stock market crash and the bursting of the housing bubble wasn’t enough to cope with, the domino effect of these incidents hit the job market in a major way. We’ve experienced layoffs and downsizing on major levels, and today’s workers are scrambling to figure out where the jobs are.

Surviving a layoff is never easy. It can be emotionally devastating. After a little time off for recovery, however, it’s important to get back out and find ways to re-enter the workforce. Flexibility and ingenuity are important, especially in these rapidly changing times.

The Internet is a crucial part of the today’s job search for laid off workers. Gone are the days of submitting resumes by mail or cold-calling offices asking around about openings. Most companies today deal only with online resume submissions, so at least a basic knowledge of email and Internet use are a basic requirement for getting a foot in the door and getting yourself working again.

Beyond providing a crucial route for submitting yourself to a company for an interview, the Internet also offers a wealth of information about companies and leads for hiring. Corporate websites and online job boards provide information about companies and what jobs are available, as well as information about the company’s culture and what they are looking for in a candidate.

Using the Internet may be a bit scary at first, but it is a user-friendly tool. There are many online tutorials available too, to help new users become more familiar with the online world and how to make it work to your advantage in the modern work search.