Samsung Gear S Rooted – Running Android Lollipop

A post from XDA developers by a certain developer biktor_gj  captured our attention, the developer was able to root the Samsung Gear S running the Tizen operating system and made it run Android Lollipop, cool!

The Samsung Gear S if you don’t know is the first smartwatch by Samsung with SIM capability making it run without the company of a smartphone (somewhat) you can text, make calls and browse the net no smartphone required. Now developer Bikto_qi was able to root it, the rooted Samsung Gear S is able to run the CyanogenMod 12.1 and according to the developer the Samsung Gear S is fast and somewhat got more feature or shall we say much more useful than its Tizen OS installed before.

If you are planning to root your Samsung Gear S also, the developer made it clear that it currently only works on unlocked GSM variants of the Gear S, and of course there will always a chance that you might break your Samsung Gear S and make it useless. Head down to XDA developers and check out the process of rooting your Samsung Gear S.

Samsung Gear S running Android