Staying Up With Major Movie News With The Internet

Since the first black and white films flickered onscreen, people everywhere have been in love with “motion pictures.” The idea of time captured and shown onscreen with plotlines and stars has intoxicated audiences for over a century, from the early black and silent comedies and dramas. From there, it was on to long-form dramas like the “The Great Train Robbery,” and the first sound film, Al Jolson’s “The Jazz Singer.”

Movies enrapture us with their stories and their stars. And even as movies evolve from one form to another, true film fans just can’t get enough of the stories and stars of Hollywood.

In an earlier era, fans got their movie news fixes from gloriously gossipy fan magazines like “Photoplay,” and the grittier, more scandalous “Confidential.” From the 1930’s through the 1950’s, gossip columnists Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons covered all the latest news of the biggest stars, from their latest roles to the secrets of their romantic lives. In the gauzy world of film fandom, a kind of fantasy aura of romance and glamour surrounded Hollywood, and reality was kept at bay.

Today movie fans still crave news of the biggest stars, but with the advent of the Internet and changes in society, gauziness and romance have given way to reality, albeit a still glamorous one. Where does today’s move fan go to get gossipy movie news? Here are a few favorite Internet sites: — E! Entertainment has a little bit for every fan, from gossip columns to movie news to the latest film fashion roundups. It’s all set in a light, breezy tone, making it a fun to peruse site.– Cinema Confidential is a more serious movie site, featuring movie trailers, reviews, and yes, gossip too. A great site for the up to the minute cinefile. — Looking to get down and dirty with your gossip? TMZ is no holds barred celebrity news, with the latest scoop on celebrity scandal and dirty laundry!

There are movie sites a plenty catering to almost every movie taste, so start surfing now!