2048 Puzzle Game for Android Wear

If you love the game 2048 on your phone well this game made its way to the next generation device, it is now on wearable, the 2048 do have a lot of versions, from PC to smartwatch and now it’s on Android Wear watch.

Enjoy the game 2048 puzzle game right in your Android Wear watch, if you got nothing to do and just want o kill your time, the 2048 game will be a good game to play while waiting for someone, just like the game in your smartphone the 2048 puzzle game do have some list of numbers arrange on grid type structure, arrange it until you get the 2048 arrangement, get the highest score, enjoy the game right on your Android Wear watch.

2048 for Android Wear (Playboard) | 2048 for Android Wear (Play Store)

Name: 2048 for Android Wear


The game is pretty straight forward, and if you are looking at this App Description page, then you might know how to play it on a smartphone or tablet or desktop or even web. To install 2048 on Android Wear, just download this app on your Smartphone, and Re-sync all the apps to your Smartwatch (LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live).


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