50 by Yolk (BETA) for Android Wear – Push App Trainer for you

Achieve that 50 push-ups that you have been wanting for so long with this app, introducing 50 by Yolk an exercise app that let you achieve 50 reps in a healthy and safest possible way.

50 by Yolk (BETA) for Android Wear

The 50 by Yolk is a push-up trainer that counts your reps and gives you a score based on your performance. Forget about the manual counting, the 50 by Yolk will do it for you. Get a personal trainer and get fit with the 50 by Yolk Android Wear app. The app is still in Beta so expect to have some bug and issue with it. But overall the app is a good one to have and if you are a fitness buff this app should be in your arsenal of fitness apps.


50 by Yolk *requires* the use of an Android Wear watch in order to provide workouts and count your reps. Since 50 by Yolk is primarily a push-up trainer, we recommend that you incorporate 50 into your current workout regimen in order to maintain muscle balance – you still have to do those leg days!
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