8 Mobile Apps for Social Workers Out in the Field

With a growing number of social issues comes a growing demand on social workers out in the field to find ways to be more efficient. Fortunately, technology has accomplished a great deal to ensure that social workers out in the field access necessary records, record vital information, gather crucial evidence, and protect themselves and others while they are in homes, institutions, or anywhere else they are required to be.

Here are 8 mobile apps that will help social workers out in the field do their job more effectively.

Campus CoPilot

Designed especially for social workers out in the field, this app was built to be used on a tablet. Social workers can use Campus CoPilot to access all necessary case and client information just as if they were in an office in front of a PC.

Here are some features of the Campus CoPilot:

  • Autofills Forms by automatically filling in all the known information about the case or client.
  • Captures documents such as certificates, immunization records, court orders, and report cards. Documents are captured in color and are of a very high resolution.
  • Captures Images and records them with the time, date, client’s name, and other information automatically
  • Auto Dictation, which allows social workers to record and save interviews.
  • Enables users to Share Information with clients and other important individuals.
  • It is a Secured Mobile System that allows social workers to securely store sensitive information.
  • Data Syncing allows social workers to work offline and sync data when the device goes back online.
  • Case File Access allows social workers to access cases on their device and add information to them.

Google Translate  

Because social workers are exposed to a variety of individuals of varying nationalities, it makes sense that they should go out in the field with access to a tool that will aid in effective communication. Google Translate can help social workers understand over 90 different languages. The most awesome part is that once the app is downloaded, your device doesn’t have to be online for the app to work.

Google translate takes input from voice, camera, images, and keystrokes. Translations are also saved for future use.

Aspire News

Originally designed for victims of domestic violence, this app has special features that allow users to get help in case they are in danger. Social workers can also make use of this app since they are in constant danger while out in the field. The Go Bottom can be activated once you sense danger.

When the Go Button is activated:

  • Pre-texted or prerecorded messages are sent to trusted persons.
  • 911 is contacted.
  • Your phone starts to record whatever is going on in the room or area.
  • The good thing about this app is that it is disguised as a regular app on your phone, and so it creates no suspicion.

PTSD Coach

Created by the VA’s National Center for PTSD in partnership with the Department of Defense’s National Center for Telehealth and Technology, PTSD Coach is a mobile app that enlightens you about how to manage post-trauma symptoms. Social workers often encounter situations where a person is traumatized for one reason or another

PTSD can be used on the spot to match and identify symptoms and prescribe treatment.


This is another app that social workers can use to feel safer while they are out in the field. This app will help them feel more at ease and better able to focus on their work. In case of an emergency, the app will immediately send out a message with your location on a map, all with the push of a button.

bSafe is available for IOS, Android, and Blackberry.


Every so often while out in the field, social workers may find it necessary to talk to kids. Meebie is an app that helps children express themselves. Children can design their own Meebie to illustrate how they are feeling. They can make use of tears and various facial expressions, and they are also allowed to make posters and print pictures.   

Calm Counter

This anger management tool was originally built for children suffering from autism or other disabilities that make it difficult to calm down. However, this tool can be utilized successfully by social workers when dealing with any distraught child. The app has two modes:

“I Need a Break” Mode: makes use of deep breathing techniques and reset exercises.

Social Story Mode: makes use of storytelling to calm children down.


While in the field, social workers may encounter cases where someone may require immediate medical attention.  This apps allows the social worker to look up symptoms, send them to a doctor, locate the nearest medical facility, find out about waiting time at the facility, and learn about first aid.

This app may very well help a social worker save someone’s life.

All these apps will go a long way in helping social workers function more effectively in the field. They do not only save time – they can also save lives.