Access Recently Used app with KeepApp Aware for Android Wear

Accessing again the recently used app is your problem? Well KeepApp Aware is the answer to this common problem that users encounter in using a variety of apps in Android Wear.

KeepApp Wear-App

Sometimes we open an app such a note app, messaging app, gallery and amongst other, when we access other app, that app will be closed whether we like it or not and that’s the problem. This issue is now fixed with KeepApp Aware an app that let you access your recently used apps without any hitch. No need of searching for that app again in your Android Wear watch, KeepApp Aware shows you the list of apps that you accessed; you can also create sticky apps to put your most used apps on the top of the list.


KeepApp Wear makes working with apps in sticky mode easy as never before! Simply open KeepApp and select an app from the list of apps (starting with the ones most recently used) to start it as persistent.

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