Access your App faster with Wear QuickAccess for Android Wear

Here is a useful app to help you access your app much faster, check out the Wear QuickAccess for Android Wear.

Wear QuickAccess for Android Wear-2

The Wear QuickAccess for Android Wear according to the developer gives the user a much faster option to access their favorite apps via a pull down menu. Another feature of the Wear QuickAccess app is the option to mute/unmute your watch with just one tap.

It’s a useful app for those who want to have a fast access to their favorite app in their Android Wear device.

The QuickAccess menu then offers all of the essential features of the regular pull-down menu – with the exception of switching to theater mode, which anyhow can be done most conveniently by double pressing the watch’s power button- Wear QuickAccess app

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