Acer Liquid Leap Smartwatch Enters the Arena

The War is on! Acer has just released the name of its smartwatch, looking more like a smartband, the name of its first smartwatch will be Acer Liquid Leap, seems like everyone wants to have a piece of pie, and now Acer is one of the contender.

Acer smartwatch smartband

Well if you are asking for the specifications of the Acer smartwatch, the Acer Liquid Leap, so far from what we got from our source the new Acer Liquid Leap is 17 mm wide and with a touch screen interface it will be sold or partnered with Acer’s 5-inch Liquid Jade smartphone that will be out in the market soon.

No news on its availability or if the Acer Liquid Leap will be available in the U.S, according to one of the executives at Acer it will be out in the test market first, meaning it will be first available in selected countries in Asia where Asia has a great market, and if the smartwatch receives a positive review then it will be introduced in other market. We are excited to get our hands on the Acer Liquid Leap hopefully we can get one this year.

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