Alcatel One Touch Go Smartwatch Full Specifications

Here is the Alcatel One Touch Go Smartwatch, this new Smartwatch from Alcatel looks far more different from the smartwatches that was unveiled in IFA 2015, it is not sexy or slim, in fact in looks more like the sporty version of Timex and G-Shock.

Alcaltel One Touch Go

The watch might not win an award when it comes to physical attribute but it has some pretty decent specs, just like the leading smartwatches it is also equipped with sensors and even heart rate monitor. I guess Alcatel is not planning or don’t intend to sell this watch for high end users, instead Alcatel might trying to grab the much more younger market, for teens or kids who would love to have this type of watch. Anyways if you are planning to buy one for your kids check out the full specs below of the Alcatel OneTouchGo Smartwatch 

Alcatel OneTouchGo Smartwatch  Technical Specifications 

Thickness of watch-face: 12-13.6 mm     Diameter of watch-face: 49.2 mm
Weight: 55g

LCD Lens: Polished
6 colors available:  White  White/Pink Red   White/Blue Dark   White/Orange  White/Blue   White/Lime Green&Blue

Sensors: Accelerometer  , Gyro  , Altimeter  , Heart rate sensor  , E-compass
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 LE

Vibration motor
Micro USB in Back Door
IP67 (water and dust resistant)


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