Alcatel OneTouch Amazing Design Disappointing UI

One of the good looking wearable in the recently concluded CES 2015 is the Alcatel One Touch, it has an amazing look, sporting a rounded form factor that looks like a LG G Watch R and Moto 360 the Alcatel OneTouch really is a good looking watch.

Alcatel OneTouch wearable

Light, small and sleek when it comes to look, we can say nothing bad about the look of the Alcatel OneTouch. Well for the UI it has a color touch display, the OS has a step counter and heart rate sensor support, and some cool apps already pre-installed in the Alcatel OneTouch, if you are going to access the apps you still have to swipe left and right to access other installed apps on the Alcatel OneTouch which is somewhat frustrating to first time users.

Well there are some good things about the OS also, as it is created from JAVA proprietary OS and works with Android and iOS as well, just like other wearables it can provide you with notifications fitness and messaging as well. Step counter, heart counter, calorie and sleep tracking. If you are interested in buying the Alcatel OneTouch the smartwatch will cost around $150 dollars.

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