Amazon app for Apple Watch might be just around the corner

Amazon might be preparing its app for the new device by Apple, according to the report Amazon is getting ready for the Apple watch release this coming April, its Amazon app is packed and ready for the shipping for Apple watch.

Amazon app for Apple watch

Based on the report of Techcrunch Amazon will introduced its Amazon app for Apple watch, a one stop -1-click ordering system, allowing consumers to search and buy products from their wrist. The app will be similar to Amazon Android Wear app. It is not just sure if Amazon will introduced a special feature that will be only available for Apple watch but the following feature such as adding to wishlist, ordering on wrist watch and search feature plus deal alert will be presented in the wrist Amazon app.

Amazon is one of the shopping companies who are always on the first spot to introduced its app to a new device so it make sense that Amazon might released its app for Apple watch the moment that its out in the market so stay tuned.


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