Android Wear app for iPhoneAndroid/iOS (APK)

Remember that a developer (MohammadAG) was able to connect Android Wear to Apple iOS enabling him to receive notifications in his Android Wear device from his iPhone, we might say it is just a minor notification created by Mohammad and not really a fully functional app for that can be release to Android Wear users, but hats-off to Mohammad for making it possible.

Many users has been hoping that this feature will be available for Android Wear soon, cross-fingers Google might be working on this feature based on a code that hint that Android Wear might work with iOS in the near future, I hope.

Well you don’t have to wait for Google to check out this feature as another developer was able to connect his Android Wear to iPhone without the need of jail breaking the phone. According to the developer he was able to create an app that will let you receive iPhone notification on your Android Wear device, you can also accept or decline calls from your iPhone by just tapping on your Android Wear, another feature is the delete notification from your Android Wear, it’s a pretty basic feature but enough to excite us about the possibility of  having iOS and Android Wear work together.

Check out the Github repositories below to download the APK for Android


Developer: Shiitakeo

Android Wear works with iPhone/iOS

Android wear can get iphon’s notification.
This app get notification using ANCS from iphone.
so, don’t need jail break iphone and rooted wear.
I developed this app inspired by @MohammadAG’s video.

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