Android Wear apps put on Hold for July 7 Release?

There is a lot of fuzz on the new Android Wear devices, so far the LG G smartwatch and the Samsung Gear Live the only device in the market, but there is already a lot of media hype for the new O.S for wearables.

Anyways those who already bought the smartwatch and just waiting for its delivery is scouting for apps available for Android Wear, there are some in the Google Play Store but the apps are more on notifications and no standalone Android Wear app was spotted online. Only a handful of Android Wear apps in this website.

With this there are reports that Google asked developers to hold on to their apps until July 7, 2014 that is the worldwide release of Android Wear wearables, developers are asked not to upload or release the links for their apps temporarily, we don’t if how true is this report but based on the apps that was uploaded yesterday and cannot be accessed this morning, seems like the report is true.

What do you think?

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