Android Wear: in the I/O Developers Conference

The I/O Developers Conference by Google will be on June 25, 2014 in this event it is expected that there will be some showcase of new products and new ideas for this year 2014.

Google IO developers conference Androidwear

What are the things that we might expect in the Google I/O developers conference? Well according to expert Google might unveil some new product line like the new Nexus or the mysterious Android Silver, there is a possibility that Google might also give a preview of the long awaited project the Google Ara, an update for the Android O.S might also be one of the spotlight or we are lucky we might see the second generation Google Glass.

Anyways with these great technologies the only thing that we can be sure of is that Google will surely give us a glimpse of the Androidwear a demo of a smartwatch maybe or other updates and features for the Androidwear, this is where we are more excited! See on I/O Developers Conference on June

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