Android Wear Notifications Comes to Google Glass

They are saying that Google Glass is dead and the Android Wear is the next big thing for Google, this is somewhat becoming a reality as we haven’t heard any huge update for Google Glass for several months, well it’s not yet over guys as Google added a new feature for Google Glass.

According to Google they will soon launch notification sync on Glass, meaning you will be able to see all of your notification on your Google Glass, it works just like your Android Wear device, instead of pulling out your phone from your pocket, you can now directly know if what is the notification is all about.

Today we’re launching Notification Sync on Glass, which means you can see your Android phone app notifications at a glance. You may have already seen this with Android Wear, but now when you put Glass on, you can get the information you need when you need it—all without taking your phone out of your pocket. 

A very handy feature, for your Google Glass, I just wonder why Google did not implement this in the first place, anyway this is a good implementation to Google Glass, but we just don’t know if this feature will be able to attract users to buy the wearable.


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