Android Wear Task Manager – Task Manager for your Wear

If you are looking for a Task Manager here is one of the good task manager app for your Android Wear, if you either want to check out the processes that your Android Wear is running, and want to kill the application well it’s easy to be done using the Android Wear Task Manager.Maintain a smooth running Android Wear O.S by killing processes that you are not using use the Android Wear Task manager to do that, download the app for free.

We tested the app and so far so good it does what is says, we where able to close the app with ease and makes our watch runs much smoother without any open apps on the background.


Android Wear Task Manager (Playboard) | Android Wear Task Manager (Play Store)


The first task manager for the Android Wear operation system. Android Wear Task Manager can list all running processes on your watch and it can help you to stop any of the tasks easily and quickly. Download this helper now for free.


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