Androidwear Moto360 Spotted ahead of I/O Developers Conference

The Moto360 is spotted again, not in any tech conference or any other tech seminars, or even a video leak, this time it’s in the entertainment show of Jimmy Fallon, the watch Moto360 was caught on a video being worn by Joshua Topolsky the editor in chief of The Verge, Joshua showed Jimmy Fallon with new gadgets even demoed a Sony new VR headset.

Moto360 on Jimmy Fallon

The two having fun together, but the fans of Jimmy Fallon is not interested on those geeky gadgets, one thing that caught their eye is the wristwatch that Joshua Topolsky is wearing, is it the Moto360?

I think it’s really the Moto360, it is very obvious as it shows the neon clock face and the orange strap that we see in several images of the Moto360, anyways it looks good, and somewhat like a classic watch, you might not even notice that it’s a smartwatch with its look. With this we are excited for the I/O Developers Conference and finally see the Moto360 in real action, not just rendering on its ads.

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