Apple might Sell Several Millions of Apple Watch upon its release

Apple is already gearing up its manpower with the impending release of the Apple watch, Apple’s contender for wearables.

We must admit that Apple watch is classy and good looking compared to other smartwatches in the market, its Gold Watch Edition might be the cream of the crop, with a combination of real gold and sapphire screen, the watch will surely going to have a hefty price tag. But with millions of die hard Apple users in the U.S and other countries, there is a sure market for the Apple watch and it is expected that it Apple will be able to sell millions of Apple watches in just a month of its release.

The success of Apple watch will also make or break the smartwatch, if Apple will be successful in this new area, it will shake the wearable market and might push manufacturers to usher and manufacture more and much better smartwatch. If not it might be the end to this section of technology, and will surely drop the market for wearables.

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