Apple Watch Life Clock App – Countdown on your Life Expectancy

I guess this is the best and one of the weirdest app so far for smartwatches particularly for Apple Watch, check out the “Life Clock App” a unique app that counts your expected life expectancy, it’s like a countdown for your doomsday.

No, the app is not trying to freak you out but instead it will push and motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s not an exact science but still it will serves as a reminder that we have to keep fit.

Apple Watch Life Clock App

The Life Clock monitors how much time you spent on sleeping or exercising like walking or other activities. It detects the number of hours you spent sleeping and deduct or add it to your life expectancy countdown, the same with walking it adds some minutes to your life when it detects that you spent a lot of time exercising and also deduct if you are doing the opposite.

Made by RehabStudio the app will surely change how you spend your time everyday, a mortality forecaster, the app is a reminder that we have to take care of our health or else.

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