Apple’s iWatch Coming this September with Curved Screen

Another information again hit the net about he elusive smartwatch by Apple, its been two years since tech analyst predicted that Apple will enter the wearable area and smartwatch is possibly the first product in this category. But until now its all just a rumor no concrete information about the smartwatch being release or leaked images just full speculations.

iWatch Concept
iWatch Press Render

Here goes another one that is said to be reliable information from tech sources that is close to Apple, according to the report the iWatch is said to have a curved display and it will be manufactured by LG, with the measurement of 1.3 and 1.5 inches the smartwatch will also have a flexible body and wristband.

If you are asking about the price it said to be around $1,000 dollars, wow that is very costly for a smartwatch, according to sources it might be out as early as September.

Again this is all just speculations, and no real proof that Apple will release a smartwatch this year or if they already have one in production, hopefully we will see one this year as companies are already geared up to release their own smartwatch in the market this year.

What do you think will Apple going to enter the wearable market?

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