Apps for System Admins

As a system admin, are you getting the most out of your apps? Utilizing apps in your work life can increase your productivity, efficiency and planning, solving many problems for IT professionals. Whether it is network problems, taking notes or administering service, there’s an app for it. Let’s examine 6 apps that will take your work to the next level. 


Not all apps used by IT admin professionals are IT related. A note-taking app, such as NoteTaker, will help you manage your to-do lists, and avoid any errors. 

The features are varied and include note taking, and importing/exporting files. The app also allows you to edit images and work forms. The app can be overwhelming as it has that many features, but you will find it useful once you get used to it.

FileBrowser: File Management Made Easy

Accessing and managing files is a daunting yet vital task for any IT professional. When using FileBrowser, you can access files across a network or in the cloud. You can do this by using a service such as Dropbox or SkyDrive.

FileBrowser is also useful for viewing different types of files, such as iWork, PDF’s and image files. The app protects you by using encryption with advanced security settings. All in all, this is a useful corporate tool. 

Microsoft Remote Desktop Client 

There’s nothing worse than being unable to access your desktop files through your mobile device. Microsoft Remote Desktop Client is an app that enables you to access your important documents and files when you need to. This could come in very hand during an emergency. 


The speed and performance of your website can affect your click through rates and performance tremendously. What you need is Pingdom – the app that offers real-time insight on the uptime and downtime of your site. 

Pingdom will view the response times and status for each site of the monitored sites. You can also choose to receive push notifications, root-cause analysis and quick switches between accounts if needed. 

PocketCloud: Remote Access to Go

Another great remote access app is PocketCloud, which includes several other functions that are worth your while. These include encryption support, autodiscovery, customizable keyboards, and an intuitive user interface.

The free version of the app gives access to most of the features, but limits connections to one user. If you upgrade to the paid Pro version, you can multitask and connections are unlimited.

Network administrators often need to track and manage a variety of enterprise-level servers. These include Vmware, Citrix, XenServer, Windows, SSH, Apple Remote Desktop and Microsoft Exchange, to name but a few. 

The benefit of this app is that it allows you to view, analyze and monitor virtual machines and environments. You can also manage routers, switches, network attached storage devices and printers. There are also capabilities to manage applications with a task scheduler, DNS manager and command prompt for Windows servers.