Apps that We Want in AndroidWear Smartwatch

Androidwear is coming, in just a few months or weeks we will finally get our hands on the smartwatch powered by Google’s Androidwear, with this we expect that we will see some great apps available for Androidwear, hopefully it will be quality apps available for download in Google Play store.


Here are some of the apps we want the most for Androidwear

Faceboook Androidwear App – of course we would love to check our online Fb friends on our smartwatch, having the app on smartwatch make it easy to check the online status of friends fast.

Instagram App – checking out photos from your smartwatch might be awkward with the very small screen, but who knows maybe our good friends from Instagram might find a way to give us a preview of recent photos in Instagram.

Twitter App – need we say more about this? Of course keeping up to date is a must, the ability to check the recent tweets and notifications without taking out your smartphone is very convenient.

Weather App for Androidwear – the most useful and one of the most important app for smartwatch, checking the weather every now and then, especially nowadays is a must, having a weather app in your smartwatch is a big help.

WeChat – one of the most in demand app for communication, the WeChat do have millions of users, and we want to have this app in Androidwear, to communicate directly via smartwatch with our WeChat friends.

EverNote – we love this app, and imagine taking note is fast and easy with your smartwatch, record notes directly and save it to your smartphone.

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