ASUS Set to Unveil its First Smartwatch – September 3, 2014

It’s the war of the smartwatch, ASUS a Taiwanese company is set to unveil its first Smartwatch on September 3, 2014, the company will unveil its Android Wear smartwatch that cost only $150 dollars or less even rumors says that it is just $99 dollars

. If these rumors regarding the price are true the ASUS smartwatch will be the most affordable Android Wear smartwatch in the market, so far LG G cost more than $200 dollars while Samsung Gear Live cost around $200 the Moto 360 cost $250 dollars, it the ASUS smartwatch will cost $150 or less it’s a great price for Android Wear fans.


So far Samsung and LG is the only company with its Android Wear smartwatch in the market and Motorola is soon to follow. We don’t have yet any specs and features of the smartwatch. But ASUS is teasing us with its leaked ads on their first smartwatch saying it will be unveil in the  IFA conference in Berlin See the photo below: