ASUS Unveils Three Android Wear apps

ASUS just unveiled three apps intended for Android Wear, at least three apps with different function are now available for download and it’s ready for the upcoming Android Wear watch by ASUS, the ASUS ZenWatch.

The first app is the ZenWatch Manager as the name implies the app will help you manage your Android Wear watch. It will help you install your ASUSZenwatch, paring it , Cover to Mute, Unlock My Phone, and Find My Phone and other variety of tools.

Another app is the remote camera app, although there are already existing app like this for Android Wear, ASUS still released its own version, allowing its user control the camera of their Android phone easily right from their Android wear watch.

Another app is the ASUS Wellness, basically it’s a fitness app that records the status of your work out and other fitness routine, and it’s an activity tracker similar to S health and Google Fit with good UI for its timeline to see the results of your activities.


ASUS ZenWatch Manager (Playboard) | ASUS ZenWatch Manager (Play Store)

ASUS Wellness (Playboard) | ASUS Wellness (Play Store)

ASUS Remote Camera (Playboard) | ASUS Remote Camera (Play Store)

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