Asus Vivo Watch Features 10 Day Battery Life

Asus has already a cool looking smartwatch on its arsenal and that is the Asus Zenwatch, powered by an Android Wear, the smartwatch has a classy sophisticated look that might lure someone who is looking for a beautiful smartwatch, but there is a catch the Asus Zenwatch has very short battery life, yes it is much better compared to other Android Wear watches but fails to impressed if you will compete it with the likes of Pebble and Gear 2 Tizen powered smartwatch.


This is issue is being solve by Asus by planning to release another smartwatch that is powered by their own home made OS. According to the report of Engadget Asus is working on a more power efficient OS to power their fitness focus Asus Vivo watch, the new smartwatch is has an IP67 certification, heart rate monitor,sleep tracking and has a touch stainless steel body, so far no reports on the full specifications of the Asus Vivo watch.

To achieve a 10 day battery life, Asus Vivo watch will not be powered by Android Wear OS(obviously) the struggling smartwatch OS of Google, so far the Android Wear OS has tons of apps available to it but unable to gain fans from tech users due to its horrible battery life usage plus it only supports Android smartphone.

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