Attention AndroidWear Developers Submit your Ideas for more Design Feedback

Hello Developers Androidwear is inviting you to send your design and ideas for Androidwear, if your app is chosen it will have a great exposure in the Google Developers Conference this coming June, plus you will receive direct design and product feedback and of course a front seat in the Google Play Store. If you have an app ready for Androidwear now is the time to present it, if you will get lucky it’s going to be a huge chance for your app to be on the top of the app chain.

LG G smartwatch design

Your app might be one of the best seller in the first Androidwear smartwatch possibly LG G2 smartwatch and will be an easy marketing for your app. See more details below about the AndroidWear invite to submit your ideas to I/O Conference.

Developers, have you created an app you would like to get in the hands of the first wave of Android Wear users? If you have, we’d like to see what you’ve built.

Early participants can gain direct design and product feedback from our team, and possibly, higher visibility from exposure at I/O, our collections and in the Google Play store. Send us an email with a link to your APK and, optionally, open source code to [email protected] .


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