Battle: 10 Best Androidwear Watch Face for Moto360

The judgment is getting closer for the best Androidwear smartwatch design, now there are 10 entries left for the best Moto360 Androidwear watch face, on the Google+ page its “Moto 360 Design Face-Off Top 10 Finalist”.

Moto360 posted the 10 finalist for the design contest of watch face see the list below of Moto360 watch face, the winner according to the contest will be announced next week might be in the Google I/O developers Conference, and the winner will get a free Moto360 smartwatch. Cool!

Moto360 Watch Face design face off

“Moto 360 Design Face-Off Top 10 Finalist”.

Layton Diament – My “Vanishing Hour” watch face concept. As the minute hand makes its way around, the hour is dimmed while revealing the minute marks.

Paul Stringer – A car speedometer style watch face with the Hours on the outside and Minutes and Seconds on the inside.

Jason Wang– The smaller arc on top represents the hour, and the larger arc below represents the minute. As arcs, they can be read easily at a glance from any angle. A second hand sweeps over them.

Jose Azua – ANGLES | 360 #Moto360  (Compass & Timer app addition) sorry guys added last minute compass face.

Pawel Hanusowski – Radio like readout for the Month and Date accompanied by some red accents.

Tyler Allicock – Another last minute one.

Will Rodriguez – This disc design concept takes a modern approach to showing the time. Minutes are shown through the larger disc in the background (which can be color customized) and the hour is shown through the foreground disc.

Dave McCarthy –  simple with a simple date on the bottom

David Pascual – Displays calendar events, allows for user defined notification widgets, and provides status information for basic watch functions (charging, alarm, bluetooth, and wifi connection.)

Aramis Negron – Simple, new and easy to read. Strongly believe that each widget should have the entire canvas to portray its information.


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