BBM for Android Wear

BBM is popping up now in almost every mobile O.S, according to the report in CES 2015 the app will also going to be available in Android Wear platform with the app it will allow users to send messages not just in mobile phone but also in the smartwatch devices.

With the application you can now send and respond to BBM messages with a pre- defined message or by just voice input. BBM messaging is already gaining grounds in the Android section as well as its app in iOS, but Blackberry management will not stop on these platforms as they want to boost the BBM messaging by being present in almost all mobile platform.

The BBM messaging on Android Wear is expected to be released in early 2015, features includes Receive alerts on the watch , discreetly preview messages. Read BBM messages in their entirety, respond to messages hands-free with Google Now. Accept BBM invites from the watch.

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