Best Apple watch Case 42, 38 mm (TPU Bumper, HardCase, Transparent)

The pre-order for Apple watch has already started and it will be out in the market in just a few weeks. So far we showed some of the best accessories for Apple smartwatch. Third party watch bands, Charging Dock, Screen protectors and watch adapters.

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And now we bring you one of the most important accessories for your Apple watch. “Apple Watch Case” yes there is a thing as casing for your smartwatch. If you want to protect your smartwatch especially if you are into extreme outdoor sport, the case will certainly protect you from scratches, dust, accidental bump and extreme weather.





Apple Watch Case, Spigen [Exact-Fit] Apple Watch 42mm Case Slim Champagne Gold

If you can’t afford the gold Apple watch, the Champagne Gold watch case is a perfect alternative, it’s a thin and lightweight case that is made from premium polycarbonate.

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Apple Watch Case, Spigen [HEAVY DUTY] Apple Watch 42mm Case Protective

If you are a sporty type of person and you are always in outdoor sports this is the case to pick for your Apple watch,  it’s a hard PC case that will protect your Apple watch from shock and scratches.

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Apple Watch Case, Spigen [Ultra-Thin] Apple Watch 38mm Transparent

Go for the transparent case if you would love to show the real  color of your Apple watch, the liquid air case is a perfect fit , made from durable clear TPU case, it is 0.8 mm in thickness so no worry that this case will add bulk to your Apple watch.

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Action Proof Durable Bumper Case for Apple Watch

Action Proof Bumper Apple watch

Looking for a bumper case alternative to Spigen? Well here is a great company, Action Proof, it is dubbed as the first shock absorber case for Apple watch. So wherever you go, no matter what climate and no matter what you do, you can be sure that your Apple watch is protected by Action Proof Bumper case for Apple watch.  Get one in Indiegogo

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X-Doria Defense Edge Case for Apple Watch

X-Doria Defense Edge Case for Apple Watch

Made from anodized aluminum exterior, it has a soft rubber lining to protect your watch, it is has a 38 mm version and 42 mm version. The watch case will protect your watch from scratches and bumps, giving it a more longer life.

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