Best Apple Watch Strap/Band Adapters

Watch strap will be one of the most sought accessories for Apple watch, in Android Wear it’s the top selling accessories followed by screen protectors. Although Apple presented a variety of watch bands for Apple watch from classy to sporty type, the watch strap being offered by Apple cost too much, almost the same price with the brand new watch.

With this manufacturers are already thinking that users with Apple watch will be buying a third party watch band 42 mm and 38 mm and they are already developing one in preparation of the Apple watch. Others are also creating adapters making the Apple watch be compatible with the standard 22mm watch band.

Click Apple watch adapter

One of the first product that dive into adapters is Click, Click is a patent-pending watch band adapter designed specifically for Apple Watch, their new adapter makes your Apple watch compatible with .22mm watch band.

Features of their Apple watch adapter are: Click comes in two sizes, Click 38 and Click 42, to fit both models of the watch, you can easily change out custom watch bands with the push of a button and comes in four precisely calculated finishes to perfectly match your watch.

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Best Apple Watch Strap-Band Adapters

Another company that ventured into Apple watch adapter is adappt

Adappt is a small adapter, that will let you use your Apple Watch with any standard watchband. According to the company the watch band will be compatible with 38mm and one for the 42mm Apple Watch. Plus it will be available in plastic, anodized aluminium, stainless and gold plated steel.

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