Best Moto360 WatchFace of the Week! – See Best Elegant Designs

Here we are again to present to you some of the best and unique Moto360 smartwatch watch face, see the list below submitted by designers and fans of Androidwear as well as Moto360, the smartwatch watchfaces concept below looks good and as well as with several features.

Mickey Mouse

Moto 360 Mickey fixed

So far this is one of the unique smartwatch face in the list, most are in the tech concept or somewhat digital/analog style, we picked this one due to its cute Mickey Mouse mascot as well as its color combination that is pleasing to the eye.

By bobby koulouris


White Skeuomorphism

White Skeuomorphism

What can we say more…we love white, the clean professional look of this smartwatch face makes it a huge contender.

By Guillaume Dugast


Moto360 Blue

Moto360 Blue

Simple yet elegant this is the Moto360 Blue, great blue radiant color and with date on the center plus the notifications divided on the four corners of the watch looks cool.

BY Euripidez Velázquez


All in Status

All in Status

Victor Brunetti’s concept looks gear, simple concept with complete notifications listed as small icons on your watchface.

BY Victor Brunetti


Michael Galubinski Concept

Michael Galubinski

Less is more this is the concept of Michael Galubinski a watchface that is not crowded with notifications, clean simple elegant watchface.

By Michał Galubiński

If you want to see more great design head down to Moto360 design page:

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