Best Watch Faces for Android Wear Spotted on Google Play

Well we are very excited with the recent development on Android Wear, the watch faces section of Android Wear gets a boost with several Android Wear watch faces that were uploaded online, we checked them out and here are some of the best watch faces for Android Wear this week.

WearFaces Android Wear app-2

Wear Picture Watch – simple but with a great feature for a watch face for Android Wear based on the name itself watch face where you can change the background of the watch have your own watch face with a personalized background. See details about the app here.

WearFaces – a watch styler for Android Wear, you can set your own background have your own design, and not just background but you can also edit the watch hands to your own liking. Create your own brand of watch with the wear faces.

See details

Band O’Clock – a watch face with feature that makes your watch face very unique you can edit the font size, the font color as well as the time format, plus you can also change the background of the Band O’Clock perfect for those who want to personalized their watch face. Check it here

Better Ware face – if you are tired of digital format or analog watch style, well feel free to download the text style watch , instead of analog style or digital why don’t you let the watch display the time for you ex. “Twelve O’ Clock” . Isn’t it unique? Check out the app here

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