BrowsWear (Beta) Android Wear App

I don’t know if what is your reason behind in browsing the web in a very small watch, I’m not a big fan in reading and browsing the web in a small screen, the text a small plus the text and image clutters.

BrowsWear beta for AndroidWear-2 BrowsWear beta for AndroidWear-3

But sometimes it’s very handy to have a device to let you check the web fast, getting the information that you want right away. This is where the Smartwatch enter the scene, it’s a good thing that there are available apps for smartwatches that let you browse the web. If you would like to browse the web on your Android Wear watch, we got an app for you. One of the newcomer in this category is BrowsWear Android Wear app, the app allow users to browse the web, open a link of a web page. It’s a good app to browse the web as it only show you the text only of the web. If you want to have this feature in your watch, download the BrowsWear on your Android Wear watch.


Open an url (via voice-command)
– Open recent webpages
– Send a page from your phone (use the Share command in your web browser).
This app is currently in beta. If you have suggestions or issues, feel free to share them!


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