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Calendar for Android Wear

Calendar for Android Wear

Here is a nice looking calendar app for Android Wear, if you are on the go want to check the date right away no need to take your phone out of your wallet or bag, the Calendar for Android Wear will save …
runtastic app for Androidwear

Runtastic app with Android Wear Support

Runtastic app with Android Wear Support Runtastic added more juice to run for miles with its additional support for Android Wear, Runtastic our favorite fitness app just got better. Its smartphone app has a wide range of features, using its app I …
Soundwave app for Androidwear

Soundwave App will be available for Androidwear

Soundwave one of the leading companies for music apps service announced their app for Androidwear, Soundwave released a statement regarding the app for Androidwear, with the app users can now share music right directly on their smartwatch powered by Androidwear. “Soundwave is …