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Gear Fit App Calendar

Download Calendar for Gear Fit

Got your new Gear Fit? Well it’s time to install some great apps for your Samsung Gear Fit, if you are looking for one, well remember Calendar for Gear Fit, a simple yet very useful calendar for your Gear Fit, check the …
Compass HD Androidwear

CompassHD App for AndroidWear

Just barely a month after the announcement of Androidwear O.S for smartwatch,  we have seen tons of concept app ready to be unleashed for Androidwear O.S, there are already app in the making wanting to be the first app for smartwatch that …
Pocket AndroidWear

Pocket App for AndroidWear Unveiled

Well Pocket is fast, they want to be in the first line of AndroidWear apps as they already unveiled their own app for AndroidWear, Pocket the leading company for save-for-later service, showed its prototype for AndroidWear, if you are not familiar with …