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Twitter Trends on Gear S2

Twitter Trends on Gear S2

Samsung finally brings Twitter Trends on the best smartwatch right now in the market. Check out Twitter Trends. The app as the name suggest brings and shows the latest trends on twitter right on your smartwatch. To be able to use the …
Skype android Wear 1

Skype Now with Android Wear Support

The popular social messaging app Skype updated their Android app with additional features such as floating action button to start me videos, start calls,chats or video message. The Skype 6.4 version also allows users to see people who are calling. The update …
BrowsWear beta for AndroidWear-2

BrowsWear (Beta) Android Wear App

I don’t know if what is your reason behind in browsing the web in a very small watch, I’m not a big fan in reading and browsing the web in a small screen, the text a small plus the text and image …