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Samsung rounded watch

Samsung’s Rounded Watch Patent Spotted

Samsung is also planning to release its own round watch just like the Moto360, the watch patent was submitted just before the Moto360 was out in the public so Samsung it’s not copying the Moto360 design brothers. But hold on, we are …
Samsung Gear Live

Samsung Gear Live Full Specifications

Its here the entry of Samsung for Androidwear so far it looks like the Tizen version Gear 2 and they almost have the same specs except for the ir blaster and camera but all in all it is somewhat like Gear 2. …

Samsung Galaxy Wear Trademark Registered by Samsung

The new trademark registered by Samsung hint that this might be the Androidwear version of Samsung, although Samsung used the Tizen in its smartwatches, Samsung revealed that they have plans to release a smartwatch running Google’s Androidwear. The trademark Galaxy Wear might …