Circular Smartwatch by Huawei- Honor Band Zero

Huawei just teased us yesterday with their new smartwatch via Twitter, Huawei tweeted a photo of a circular smartwatch, called the Huawei Honor Band Zero.

So far no words on the specs of the watch, but it’s pretty obvious Huawei go with the minimalist concept on their next wearable. You can’t blame them the circular smartwatch is the trend now a day, popularized by Moto 360 and followed by LG.


The Huawei Honor Band Zero don’t have any physical button present based on the photos or any other signs that there will be a slot where you can plugin in a cable, it is very possible that the Huawei Honor might go with the wireless charging technology.

Anyways all we can do right now is just wait for the release of the device, and we will know if Huawei will go with Android Wear, Tizen or will just used their own home made OS.


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