Clover Clover Game App for Apple Watch

If you already pre-order an Apple watch, it’s time to keep a list of apps that you are planning to download for your new smartwatch.

Check the app Clover Clover game app for Apple watch, one of the first games available for the smartwatch. The Clover Clover is an app made by ArchSquare, the game is a Simon like puzzle game to test how good your memory is. Its a simple yet very entertaining game for your device. All you need to do is to observe and repeat the sequences made by the app. The game’s difficulty increases as you solve each puzzle. Compete with your friends and see your high score on the global score board.

Clover Clover Apple Watch app

Arc4 Games in One:

  1. Classical: repeat the sequence in the same order
  2. Reverse: repeat the sequence in the reverse order
  3. Opposite: repeat the sequence in the same order, but on the opposite side. If red, then yellow and so forth
  4. Monochrome: repeat the sequence in the same order, but all the colors are the same


  • Track High Scores for all games, locally or globally on GameCenter
  • Progressively get harder in higher sequences
  • Simple, classic game play design
  • Fit for all ages


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