Compass App for Pebble Smartwatch

At last Pebble got a great compass app, with the upgrade for Pebble 2.5 news apps especially for compass is now available for users, the compass app has a cool animation, if you want to switch to two different modes you can do that is a smooth fashion, there is also a spirit level with exact degrees to who you the true horizontal or vertical directions.

Compass app for Pebble

It’s a great update for the latest firmware of Pebble, there are other stuff includes in the updates but so far the compass is our best pick for the updates. No fancy design just plain compass with details where you can see degrees and directions right away truly a perfect companion for outdoor activities. See more details about the Compass app below for Pebble

 Compass App


Compass app elegantly animates between two different modes: A compass rose when you look down at your Pebble and a heading indicator when hold the watch in front of the horizon. A spirit level is included with exact degrees for where you’re heading and smooth animations make this the perfect companion for any outdoor activity.

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